omanik factory

Hand-made tools for handicraft


Omanik Factory is a small-sized family business that specialises in making tools for handicraft. All our tools undergo thorough quality control, as we wish to give our customers the best products available in the market of this industry.


The history of our production dates back to the distant 90’s. Back then Alexey Apalko, the founder of the factory, starts making his first tools for handicraft. For a long time all the tools remain home-made and our products become known to people by the word of mouth. We start to receive more and more requests to make new tools. And so the labour of love turns into a small family business.  


These days Omanik Factory’s products are used by many craftsmen all over the world. All the products are safe, convenient, durable and functional. These properties are especially important to our Factory’s craftsmen, as for many years they have been specialising exclusively in custom-made tools – original and convenient for every single customer’s work.